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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship outside the United States?
Yes, we do! Power Soccer Shop can ship orders around the world! No matter where you play power soccer, we can help you!
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What about the Strike Force Power Soccer Wheelchair?
We can even ship the Strike Force worldwide! Please keep in mind that, when ordering the Strike Force outside the US, you must supply a business address for shipping, as we cannot ship to overseas residential addresses. Import taxes may apply. The following two companies can take the hassle out of getting your Strike Force chair in Europe. If you live on the European continent, you can order your Strike Force through Piknik Sports (website in French). If you are ordering from the UK, G5 Sports Services can help you get in a Strike Force.
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What is the size & weight of an official Power Soccer Ball?
Power Soccer Shop balls are 13 inches (33 cm) in diameter, 2.1 pounds (1 kg), and comply with FIPFA guidelines. Check out our selection of Power Soccer Balls!
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Will the PS-Force Soccer Guard mount onto my Permobil power chair?
Yes! Power Soccer Shop has designed a mount for the PS-Force that will work with Permobil chairs. Check out our Center Post Hardware Kit!

On another note, Permobil wheelchairs and other wheelchairs that have large front or mid wheels are at a greater risk of flipping over during play, because these large wheels have a tendency of gripping and climbing over the ball, causing the chair to flip. Power wheelchairs with medium to small wheels in the rear of the chair are recommended by
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Do I need a Power Soccer Guard to play Power Soccer?
Absolutely! A soccer guard is the most important piece of equipment in Power Soccer and is required by every organized league in the world. A guard not only allows you to maneuver and kick the ball, but it also protects your feet, legs, and your chair. Take a look at our Power Soccer Guards and select the one that best suits your needs!
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Is the PS-Force Soccer Guard legal for tournament play?
Yes, indeed! The guard follows all the rules and regulations put forth by the USPSA and FIPFA. It is completely adjustable to allow for proper height off the floor & distance from your feet. Its shape does not contain any notches or grooves that allow for illegal cradling of the ball. The smooth, hard plastic material is sturdy but flexible enough to help reduce the potential damage that can occur when playing Power Soccer. It also does not grip the ball, allowing it to roll freely.
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