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Here at Power Soccer Shop you will find the most advanced performance products for playing Power Wheelchair Soccer. We want to equip each and every Power Soccer athlete in the world...period. By providing quality products at the lowest possible price, we commit ourselves to making this sport accessible to everyone.  Power Soccer Shop is a wholly owned subsidiary of Northern Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc.

History of Northern Engineering and Manufacturing
History of Power Soccer Shop
Meet the Pit Crew

History of Northern Engineering and Manufacturing
Northern Engineering and Manufacturing (NEMI) started in 1993 from a idea and a vision...and stuff

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History of Power Soccer Shop

2004: Power Soccer Shop was founded in Tampa, Florida by Elio Navarro and his wife Jessi.

Elio served as a player and coach at the local level and was a member of the 2007 FIPFA World Champion US National Team.  Jessi was also involved with the sport as an assistant coach and USPSA-certified referee.   They started the shop as a way to provide dependable and affordable Power Soccer equipment to the new teams forming in the area.  However, the couple soon found customers all over the world and the business expanded.  Before they knew it, Power Soccer Shop was providing equipment to athletes everywhere.  As the sport was growing, so was the shop, but Elio and Jessi could no longer continue running it.  Their first son, Elio, came into their lives and they needed to find new owners who were dedicated to the cause.

2009: The Akre family of Zimmerman, MN purchased the business.

The Akres were approached by the Elio and Jessi to take over because they knew the family was fully committed to the sport and had the capability to push Power Soccer Shop to new heights.  Brian and Ruth Akre own Northern Engineering and Manufacturing (NEMI) and their son, Grant, is a Power Soccer athlete.  Owning a manufacturing company, they have the means to produce and sell equipment from one location.  In addition, Grant fell in love with the sport; the Akre family was a perfect match to take over the business.   Since taking ownership and relocating the operation to Minnesota, the Akres have been able to expand the reach of the shop immensely.

2012: Power Soccer Shop introduced the Strike Force chair and revolutionized the game.

Most adaptive sports have equipment tailored to that specific sport, but for years, Power Soccer athletes used refurbished power wheelchairs that were modified to play the sport.  Power Soccer Shop recognized the need for a chair designed specifically for Power Soccer and worked tirelessly to resolve this problem.  After countless hours spent designing and testing, the Strike Force made its debut in March of 2012.  Since then, it has become the chair of choice for top athletes and pushed the boundaries of what people thought was possible for the sport.

2013: Power Soccer Shop continues to grow

Since its inception, Power Soccer Shop has helped elevate the game to an entirely new playing field.  We have also grown in size as the sport continues to gain popularity around the world.  We have brought in people who share the passion for the game and work hard to continue the work started years ago by Elio and Jessi Navarro.  At the end of the day, we want to make Power Soccer accessible for everyone.

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Meet the Pit Crew
There are a lot of people who put in a lot of hard work to make things happen here at Power Soccer Shop.  Get a chance to know them a little better below:

Name: Jerome “Pika” Durand
Pit Crew Member since: June 2013

Pika Durand is one of the most experienced Power Soccer athletes in the world.  Hailing from France – the birthplace of the sport – he started playing in 1994, just as the sport was gaining popularity.  Since then, he has won three national championships in France, played as a member of the French National Team in two FIPFA World Cups, won the 2010 Americas Cup, and played in four USPSA national championships.  At Power Soccer Shop, not only does he lend his vast experience to help us take the next step, but he uses his IT and programming talents to expand what we are able to offer the Power Soccer community.  For example, he created scoring software that was used for the first time at the 2013 USPSA Premier and Founders Cup tournaments.  We look forward to seeing what he creates in the future!

“Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”
I hope to be here for a while and develop the company with new products and grow the sport.  I want to show my fellow people with a disability what you can accomplish…

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Name: Mike Jengtes
Pit Crew Member since: September 2009

Of everyone currently working at NEMI, Mike has been here long enough to see the company go through big changes and great expansion.  Joining NEMI in April 2004, he has worn many different hats over the years.  He has done everything from desktop publishing to manufacturing vacuum pods and maintaining the internal network.  For Power Soccer Shop, Mike continues his role as jack-of-all-trades.  He helps to manufacture Power Soccer equipment, as well as comes to the rescue if we have computer issues.  Mike also has an unwavering love for all things Star Trek.

“What has been your experience with Power Soccer?”
I have been watching it for a few years and watching the sport grow has been fun.  It’s very cool.

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Name: Tami Jengtes
Pit Crew Member since: November 2010

Behind the scenes, Tami plays a very important role at Power Soccer Shop as the person who helps to process orders and manage the shipping of all of our orders.  She works as an essential link between the people in the office and back in the shop to ensure that everything is running smoothly.  In addition, she also contributes to NEMI by doing a lot of the purchasing and accounting.

“What’s the atmosphere like working here?”
Awesome!  It’s great and vibrant…I love working with everyone here.

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Name: Tony Jackson
Pit Crew Member since: June 2013

After 18 years living in Tempe, Arizona and nearly five years after discovering Power Soccer, Tony left the desert and moved to Minnesota to work for Power Soccer Shop.  He joined the Pit Crew to design graphics and marketing materials and works closely with Pika Durand handling the customer service for the company.  In addition to graphic design and customer service, he also works with Pika on the maintaining website.

“Where else have you worked?”
Before Power Soccer Shop, I worked at the Virginia G. Piper Sports and Fitness Center for Persons with Disabilities as a receptionist and graphic designer.  I also taught German for two years at Arizona State University, during my time as a Master’s student in German Studies.

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Name: Ed McGuire
Pit Crew Member since: June 2011

Ed McGuire has been involved with Power Soccer since it reached the US in the 1990s.  He used many chairs through the years, but none of them reacted the way he wanted to.  After landing an internship with Power Soccer Shop, his talents were immediately recognized through his work engineering guard mounts and redesigning soccer guards.  After having discussions about a power chair built specifically for soccer, he was given the freedom to design a chair.  After many trials and tribulations, the Strike Force was born.  His vision of a true Power Soccer chair has been realized.

“What are your thoughts about the Strike Force?”
When you take away the need to mentally compensate for the chair's short comings, you take away the chair.  When you take away the chair, you take away the disability.  All you are left with is a "Player".

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Name: Joe Rockstroh
Pit Crew Member since: February 2011

Being a welder at Power Soccer Shop may be the most important job here and Joe Rockstroh is that person.  He is in the shop working hard fabricating the hardware that makes the Strike Force the best Power Soccer chair on the planet.  Joe works tirelessly carefully welding together the frames and guards, so that athletes can go out there and let their skills shine on the court.  He hopes to be here a long time, helping to design new chairs and keeping things going.

“What do you like about working at Power Soccer Shop?"
Seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they get in a new chair and having a blast!

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Name: Sam Rockstroh
Pit Crew Member since: September 2012

Sam can be seen running around the shop on any given day helping out wherever she is needed.  At one moment, she will help with processing orders and shipping then, will go to her dad, Joe, and lend a hand at the shop at the next moment.  Although she hasn’t been around the Power Soccer community for very long, she enjoys being a part of it.

“What new skills have you acquired working here?”
I’ve learned how to make a lot of things; I’ve even learned how to operate a fork lift!

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Name: Milt Tuttle, Jr.
Pit Crew Member since: September 2009

Milt Tuttle is known to Power Soccer athletes all over as the person to see if their chair is having problems during a tournament.  He has helped numerous athletes tune their chairs to be at peak performance and is always willing to lend a hand.  Before dedicating himself full-time to Power Soccer Shop, he started working in 2007 with our parent company, NEMI, where he did fabricating and manufacturing.  At Power Soccer Shop since it relocated to Minnesota, Milt has become the leader of the group responsible for building the Strike Force chairs that have taken the Power Soccer world by storm.  He and the rest of the team assemble each chair by hand, ensuring that each athlete who sits in the chair can realize their full potential.

“What has been your favorite moment working here?”
One of the first P200s I worked on for a local athlete; it was that certain smile and almost seeing tears in his eye that nearly choked me up.  He was pretty excited to get his chair to play power soccer!

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