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About Power Soccer

If you are a power wheelchair user and have always wanted to play a sport, Power Soccer is for you!  Power Soccer (or powerchair football), the most popular sport for power wheelchair users around the world, was created in France during the late 1970s.  With steady growth, the sport is now played in over 25 countries, with more joining every year.  For more on the history of this wonderful sport, visit the International Federation of Powerchair Football Association (FIPFA) website.

Power Soccer is played on a regulation-sized basketball court with four players per team, a goalkeeper and three attackers/defenders.  Equipped with a metal or sturdy plastic foot guard attached to the front of the chair, athletes maneuver their chairs and use the foot guard to pass and shoot the ball.  For many years, these chairs were simply the athlete’s personal, everyday chair, or a used chair they purchased for the purpose of playing soccer.  However, with the introduction of the Strike Force Power Soccer Wheelchair, athletes now have a dedicated chair that was designed specifically for the game!

Whether you are looking for a recreational and social outlet, or looking to play at the highest levels of international competition, Power Soccer has options for everyone.  If you’re ready to join a global community and be a part of this amazing sport, visit the US Power Soccer Association website for teams in the United States, or visit the FIPFA website to find teams around the world…and whenever you need the equipment to help you achieve your goals, we will be here to help!

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