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G-Force Kit

Price: $150.00
Item Number: 1589

One Of Power Soccer Shops Most Innovative product to be developed for Power Wheelchair Soccer!

The ultimate way to get into competitive power soccer! Experience superior performance with this powerful, yet ultra-lightweight G-Force Check Kit by Aero Force.
Now you will be able to fine tune your wheelchair for the most advanced play!
With our innovative product you can check your wheelchairs acceleration, deceleration, spin kick speed and so much more! Power Soccer Shop brings your game play to a new level.

Power Soccer Wheelchairs are allowed to go 6.2 MPH max. But to gain better spin kicks you need to analyze your data over time and compare your data after every practice and during practice.

With our New G-Force Checker now you can check the real Spin Kick Power of your wheelchair the easy way. We have developed a system that checks and records in 3 axis's of motion.

The G-Force Check Kit and a personal computer or laptop is easy to analyze your data.

If you really want to be a power player and have your chair match your ability this is the tool for you.

Perfect for preparing your wheelchair for Power Soccer Regional play, Power Soccer League play and just setting you chair to the max power.

Also available is our Tablet PC with Window XP. Pick here for detailed specifications

Live video coming soon

Key Points:

  • Checking of Team Player Wheelchair Performance
  • Keep your team at the Max wheelchair Power for Power Wheelchair Soccer.
  • Check your acceleration and deceleration and set to the maximum Power with you programmer.
  • Check your acceleration and deceleration during halves to see if you need new batteries or need to charge your batteries.
  • Perfect for Power Wheelchair Soccer Regional Tournaments, Power Wheelchair Soccer Leagues, Power Wheelchair Cup Tournaments and more!
  • One Sensors can be placed on the guard and one under the players seat to see what kind of (Impact) Or (G-Force) there is on your Soccer Player and The Guard.
  • Continuous time stamped shock and motion for monitoring player and chair performace.
  • Power Soccer Shops Software is the best for analyzing your player in detail
  • User selectable from +-2 to +-6 G-Force
  • Real Time Clock is built in to G-Force so you are able to review G-Force and Time as shown in the graph below.
  • Now you can see all players wheelchair performace.
  • USB interface to Windows Computer
  • Easy to attach to your wheelchair via Velcro, wire ties,

Example of one Power Soccer League game.

Example of three Power Soccer League games.



Tablet PC
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