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About Power Soccer

Power Soccer is the most exciting and dynamic sport in the world for users of power chairs.

In various forms over the past two decades, Power Soccer has finally started to get International recognition with teams and leagues in over half-a-dozen countries...and growing. Rules for the sport have been well-established in many countries and a set of International rules are on the horizon. Techniques, tactics, strategies, competition, recreation, teamwork, skill, and adrenaline are all words that come to mind when talking about this amazing sport.

In the international community, the sport is gaining rapid acceptance as teams continue to form and participate in regional, national, and international tournaments. There are many people who also participate in the sport for purely recreational reasons, since it is so much fun. There are also those that strive to become the best Power Soccer athletes in the world and live for the challenge of international competition.

Power Soccer is playable by just about anyone in a power wheelchair, the only real requirement is that you be able to drive your chair with a good degree of control...for the safety of yourself and other players. However, with the development of protective soccer guards and the use of helmets, elbow guards, and other protective gear, the sport is incredibly safe.

For many, Power Soccer is the only outlet available to them...for experiencing the thrill of real competition, the excitement of a team sport, and the fun of just going out to play. A whole new generation of power wheelchair users can look forward to having Power Soccer in their town or neighborhood, if not right now...soon.

For information about finding a team in your area or starting one up, contact us at by clicking here.

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